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Why the Prime Minister of Cambodia Likes to Talk about the Word "Peace"

Switzerland: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly mentioned the reasons for his commitment to peace and protecting peace in Cambodia. He said that the value of this word covered six factors that propelled Cambodia to develop as it is now.

From Davos, Switzerland, during a meeting with more than 2,000 Cambodians in Europe and thousands of other social media followers on Saturday night 21 May, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that the six valuable factors of the word "peace" are the absence of wars, no deaths or disabilities due to war, no orphans and widows due to war, no influx of refugees in the country, no destructions of infrastructure, and the rise of democracy and human rights.

The Prime Minister raised the question of what if the war continued to the present, which would be 24 years, how many more deaths, disables, destructions of infrastructure, and sufferings would there be?

He said, "The absence of war has afforded us to organize the process of democracy and respect for human rights. Bullets do not know human rights; shots are shots fired! They do not know that this is a human right…The presence of peace instead of war has given us the opportunity to develop socio-economically, reduce poverty. Take a look right after the Pol Pot regime, our population was only around 5 million people, now 17 million, many more births, but I do not blame anyone! Because I initiated that [trend].”

For the past 24 years, the Kingdom of Cambodia has marked 29 December 1998, as the end of the civil war without bloodshed and achieved complete peace through the win-win policy of Prime Minister Hun Sen. It is a major policy that led Cambodia after going through the stages of war, the genocidal regime of Pol Pot, and negotiations until the emergence of the win-win policy. Win-win politics has brought Cambodia back to a peaceful, united nation after more than 500 years of fractured history.

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