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PM Decides To Open Covid-19 5th Dose Campaign Next Month

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has agreed to allow the Vaccination Commission to start the fifth booster dose campaign from June 9, 2022. This is according to the voice message of PM on Friday evening, May 20.

PM Hun Sen congratulated Cambodia on the outcome of the 14 consecutive days without Covid-19 patients and that only about 10 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized, with the exception of who with other diseases.

At the same time, PM also received a report from the Ministry of Health that after the successful vaccination campaign for the people, the result was not only the reduction of Covid-19 disease, but other diseases such as the influenza also decreased as well.

With this success, PM decided to the National Covid-19 Vaccination Committee to launch the 5th vaccination campaign for those who received the 4th dose from the 9th of next month, including officials, diplomats, journalists, and artist.

At the same time, PM also urged the people to continue to maintain health safety protocol by going to get the vaccine, both the basic dose and the booster dose. 

“With the adoption of the vaccine, call on our compatriots who received the second dose and rush to receive the third dose, the fourth dose, we will continue, and the fifth dose, which is less than half a million. We will start from June 9 onwards”. Said PM. 

Details of the fifth dose will be announced later by the National Covid-19 Vaccination Committee. 

At midnight tonight, PM will leave Cambodia for Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum. He confirmed to meet the Cambodian people living in Europe there and sent a message to the people who came to meet him to be safe and happy to travel.

PM considers that this is a solidarity between the Cambodian people, both inside and outside the country. He thanked for the support and continued participation of the people in maintaining peace, stability and development of Cambodia.

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