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Brussels Hosts World’s First Pedalo World Championships

INTERNATIONAL: Around 200 people competed in what organizers called the "world's first pedalo championship" in a park of the Belgian capital Brussels on Sunday 15 May.

Paddle boats, also known as pedalos, are a popular attraction among locals and tourists who rent them out for leisure sails at the picturesque Bois de la Cambre pond.

Hundreds of fans and onlookers showed up to cheer for 20 teams, who were given four hours to complete as many laps as possible.

Jean-Christophe Ghys, the organizer of Belgian Pedalo World Championships, said that it’s an offbeat event that allows all kinds of people to join and have fun.

Francois Dewaele, one of the participants, said that they pedaled but didn’t move forward which was exactly as planned. There is a good vibe going on.

On the other hand, also taking part in the race was 32-year-old Auriane Roggeman who said that her strategy was "to be fast, not to be afraid of getting wet and above all, to keep well hydrated."

Although for most participants taking part in the competition seemed more important than winning it, a team named 'Baywatch' took the race seriously and finished first after having completed no less than 42 laps, paddling a distance of 17,640 metres.

A second round of the Belgian Pedalo World Championship will take place on May 22.

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