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PM: Opposition groups always take people who break the law and violence as their heroes

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Washington: The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, thanked the Cambodian people living in the United States and Canada for welcoming and meeting with Him in Washington State and maintaining dignity, not retaliating against the attacks.

In a voice message before boarding a plane to Cambodia on May 14, 2022, Prime minister Hun Sen stated that the incidents in which the enemies who often provoked the supporters of the Royal Government of Cambodia showed that they were violators of the law and a violent man who is encouraged by the opposition to be their hero.

"This is the attitude of the extremists of the opposition, who are considered heroes, when they violate the law will show the essence of extremist violence," he said.

Prime minister is proud of his supporters in the United States and Canada for maintaining their dignity and respecting US law, and urges supporters to remain patient and dignified.

While meeting with supporters in front of a hotel where he was staying in Washington, Ouk Touch, a 75-year-old Cambodian-American man, threw shoes at prime minister’s supporters, which was considered immoral and arrogant.

Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An described Ouk Touch's actions as an insult to the Prime Minister of Cambodia is the act of Inferior people.

"This degrading act is unacceptable to the Cambodian people and cannot be pardoned on all extremists," she wrote on her official Facebook page.

The young lawmaker and son of prime minister, Mr. Hun Many, declared that he could not accept the insult to the Prime Minister from the opposition in the United States, saying, "This act, we are all members of the party and the people. The Cambodian people who support the Cambodian People's Party cannot mitigate or reduce the guilt of all extremists."

"We must remember and not forget their extremism," Hun Many wrote on his official Facebook page on the afternoon of May 12, 2022. “You must also remember that whoever does it receives it.”

Cambodian political observers have also stated their opposition to Ouk Touch.

Political analyst Seng Sary wrote on his Facebook page that he did not support Ouk Touch's actions and described them as immoral and violent.

He wrote: "Immoral and violent acts are not the heroism of Democrats! For who is democrat that hate violence but using shoe throw at our hero, please reconsider again. "

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