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Rwanda slams West over weapons delivery to Ukraine, calls for solution through talks

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INTERNATIONAL: Rwandan's deputy government spokesman Alain Mukuralinda called on Russia and Ukraine to resolve differences through dialogue, noting that offering weapons to Ukraine will only escalate the conflict.

Speaking to China Central Television (CCTV), Mukuralinda said Rwanda has also been affected by the ongoing conflict as the country has been witnessing a price spike of food and oil.

"The longer the conflict lasts, the greater impact it will impose on African countries. Consumer goods and petroleum products are necessary for people. The government needs to be aware of that or it could lead to unrest," he said.

Mukuralinda pointed out that some Western nations have been sending arms to Ukraine, which will only intensify the war and result in more adverse effects on the globe.

"Recently I have seen some European countries continued to provide weapons to Ukraine. I don't even know whether they are making efforts to seek for negotiation. As more arms are offered to Ukraine, Russia will only intensify the strikes, and the longer the war lasts, the more serious the impact will be on the world," he said.

The West has requested Africa to stop the so-called silence on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and asked them to "condemn" Russia for the military operation, which according to Mukuralinda, is wrong for any country to take a side as it could cause further escalation of the war.

"I think the most important thing is that countries should stay independent, and African countries have the right to take a stance. They don't have to be for or against any side. We can remain neutral. I think it's necessary that there are main powers staying cautious and neutral while working to facilitate each side to the negotiation table instead of having them deeply involved in conflict," he said.

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