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Battambang Provincial Administration Issues Notice to Stop Heavy Trucks Entering the City

BATTAMBANG: The Battambang Provincial Administration issued a notice on Monday (2 May) to stop heavy vehicles from entering Battambang city. Such heavy trucks must now be relocated to warehouses outside Battambang city.

According to the Governor of Battambang Provincial Board of Governors, the order to stop heavy vehicles from entering the city of Battambang is to maintain order, public safety, and road maintenance for a longer time. The provincial administration has also ordered warehouse owners to move outside the city road, providing them a maximum of one year from the time of this notification until the end of April 2023, to do so.

As stated in the announcement, "In the past, some traders and other business people have been transporting items in trucks over the weight limit into Battambang city, causing damage to the road, and the authorities received criticism for not preventing or banning the transport of such heavy trucks. As a result, the provincial administration will now have strict legal measures for all heavy transport vehicles entering the city of Battambang.”

During the process of warehouse relocation to outside the city, a plea has been made to warehouse owners who have not yet relocated to transfer goods using smaller vehicles and to prevent from using heavy vehicles that surpass a weight of 16 tons from entering Battambang city.

At the same time, some people have expressed their views and hopes that the plan of the new governor will be effective, unlike the previous governor of Battambang who initiated a plan and did not manage to follow through.

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