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Cambodia Airways Provides Aircraft For Athletes Traveling For The Sea Games

PHNOM PENH: The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia would like to inform the Cambodian sports delegation to participate in the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam and the public to know that after receiving high attention and especially from the Prime Minister. Travel of the Cambodian delegation to the SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam, and with the coordination of the Secretariat of State for Civil Aviation, Cambodia Airway provided a special aircraft to transport the delegation free of charge.

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, as well as the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, has struggled in travel arrangements due to this event, the host has set different arrival times.

Due to the athletes, delegates and officials having to arrive two days before and returning one day after the games, which has been difficult to find enough seats. Each flight would have been difficult to make multiple stops along the way, which would make our players fatigue.

Prime Minister, Hun Sen has given high attention into solving these difficulties by arranging a special flight "Charter Flight and travel.

The athletes will be able to access Phnom Penh International Airport as VIP’s.

On behalf of the Heads of Delegates and Athletes, we are very excited, happy and warm to have received a comfortable journey, maintaining physical and mental health to effectively compete in sports to win medals. Give more to the nation than before. Sports delegates, administration teams, media teams, men's soccer teams - sailors, boxing, lick boxing, Khmer boxing and canoeing will be the first to leave on May 4, 2022, followed by other teams.

EACNews would also like to wish all the Athlete's the best of luck.

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