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PM Discourages His Supporters from Protesting Back Against the Opposition in the States

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that he does not encourage Cambodian supporters of the Cambodian People's Party and the Royal Government living abroad to protest against those who want to hold protests against the Prime Minister.

Speaking at a meeting with grade A students on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that he will travel to the United States on 10 May for the ASEAN-US Special Summit, and said that there will be opposition groups protesting against his arrive in the country. However, the Prime Minister said that these protestors are allowed to do so because it is their right, so he asks his own supporters to not protest against those groups back.

He said, "I beg you, brothers and sisters, nephews and grandchildren who come to welcome me. Do not see the people protesting against me, and there is no need to protest against them back. The CPP and the government has a larger number of supporters abroad than those who come to protest against me."

Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he will meet with US-based Cambodians when he travels to the United States on 10 May. He is expected to meet around 1,000 US-based Cambodians when he arrives in the United States. He will then go on to attend and co-chair the ASEAN-US Special Summit with President Joe Biden in Washington.

Later, on 14 May, the Prime Minister will return to Cambodia before departing for Switzerland on 20 May. During that visit, he is set to meet with Cambodians living in Switzerland and the European Union.

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