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Brace for Heavy Weather

Phnom Penh, 8 June 2021: The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has warned that some heavy weather is rolling in from the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia will be affected by Tropical Storm Koguma, together with a strong southwest monsoon, over the course of the next week.

From 9-12 June, a low pressure system will bring heavy rain and thundershowers to most parts of the country and from 13-15 June, the effects of the tropical storm will be felt most across the coastal provinces with strong winds and high seas.

For the next week, provinces in the central lowlands will have minimum temperatures between 23 and 26 degrees, with midday highs of 31-34, along with heavy rain and thundershowers.

Moderate to heavy rain is forecast for the northeastern provinces along the Dangrek mountain range, with minimum temperatures between 22 and 29 and midday highs of 30-33.

The worst of the weather will be across the coastal provinces, with heavy rain, thunderstorms and rough seas. Minimum temperatures will range between 22 and 25 degrees, with maximums between 26 and 29.

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