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Phnom Penh Capital Administration Plans to Inaugurate Santhor Mok Pedestrian Bridge Soon

PHNOM PENH: The Phnom Penh Capital Administration plans to inaugurate the Santhor Mok pedestrian bridge after it is 100% complete by the end of April, to make it easier for students at Santhor Mok School to cross the road safely.

The Santhor Mok pedestrian bridge is located at the Santhor Mok traffic light in Tuol Kork district, above two major boulevards, including Kampuchea Krom and Mao Tse Toung, at the intersection of four roads. There are many people who pass by this area, especially students who study at Santhor Mok School.

This pedestrian bridge will make it easier to cross the road, reducing the number of possible accidents, and will also allow people to cross without having to wait for the traffic light.

Phnom Penh so far has four pedestrian bridges, including one in Po Sen Chey district, two in the Chompou Voan area, at the Neang Kong Hing traffic light, and at Deum Kor market, which were officially inaugurated in July 2020.

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