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Benefits of Registering for NSSF

Phnom Penh, 7 June 2021: The National Social Security Fund is encouraging Cambodians to register through their employer for social insurance. The NSSF was implemented in 2008 and is part of Cambodia’s development of a thorough social security program.

The NSSF is responsible for providing basic social security to workers in the private sector. It collects contributions from registered members and offers a range of benefits. These cover workers who are injured as a result of their occupation, with medical expenses paid. A certain amount of life insurance pays out to workers’ beneficiaries in the event of work-related death. In the event a registered NSSF member is disabled from a work-related injury, then the social security fund pays a daily allowance of 70% of the average wage. It also has provisions for maternity leave.

The mission of the NSSF is to serve workers with its employment injury scheme, ensuring workers in the private sector secure a safe income in the event of old age, work injuries, invalidity or fatality. It also takes responsibility for disseminating information about preventing workplace accidents.

To find out more about how to become a registered member of the NSSF, head to:


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