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Tech Startup CamSEED is Launching Their 1000 Internships Campaign

PHNOM PENH: Tech startup CamSEED and its partners are launching a '1000 Internships Campaign' — a 12 month long campaign which aims “to provide 1000 Cambodian university students with paid 3-month internship opportunities, with a minimum of 50% of all placements being filled by young women.”

CamSEED founders and partners are asking Cambodian-based employers in the private sector, civil society organizations (CSOs) and government to pledge to create a number of paid internship positions in their respective organizations in the next 12 months. CamSEED emphasizes that working with interns can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, especially in today’s competitive job market. Organizations and businesses should see it as a great way to discover the best new talent.

According to a press release from CamSEED, “For many, internships are now considered extended job interviews. Paid internship arrangements allow organizations to test out potential employees while also introducing them to the requirements of the job. An organization can spot and acquire new talent as the person is just starting out on their career." CamSEED adds that research shows internships are the dominant form of experiential learning used in business schools and universities worldwide, providing practical insight into job roles for students, which also helps to enhance their employability.

Speaking about the campaign, the Co-founder of CamSEED, Hao Sophareth, said, “I am really excited to be launching the 1000 Internship Campaign in Cambodia with our partners today, just a year after the launch of our own startup. We want to see a change in the way internships are viewed in Cambodia - paid internships are an important step for students to gain workplace experience and skills. This is especially important as the economy is moving towards implementation of Industry 4.0."

CamSEED is an ambitious Cambodian tech startup with the goal of helping to promote a culture of paid internships in Cambodia, and to help students from all backgrounds have access to the life-changing opportunities brought on by internships.

Speaking on the occasion of "International Volunteer Day" on 6 December 2021, the Minister of Education, Hang Chuon Naron, said that participation in volunteer work has led to social activities that have helped to solve social difficulties, increased solidarity, helped volunteers build self-esteem and also helped contribute to creating a better world.

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