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Koh Kong Governor Appreciates The Efforts Of The People's Protection And Sanitation Authority

KOHKONG: Lok Chumteav, Governor of Koh Kong Province, praised and encouraged the efforts to maintain security, order and clean up the environment to the Deputy Chief, Village Chief, People's Defense Force and cleaners during the Khmer New Year.

Nearly 100 Sangkat Chiefs, Village Chiefs, Village Defenders and Cleaners were received by Koh Kong Provincial Governor Lok Chumteav Mithona Phuthong to express their appreciation and gratitude for their dedication and dedication.

Mr. Ouk Sota, Deputy Director of Koh Kong Provincial Administration, said on the afternoon of April 22, 2022 that Lok Chumteav Mithona Phuthong, Provincial Governor, expressed his deep gratitude to the three Deputy Chiefs of the Village Defense Force for coordinating the maintenance of security and order. As well as the team to clean up the environment around the Royal City of Khemarak, especially the location of the pagoda during the recent Khmer New Year.

According to the deputy director of the provincial administration, the provincial governor believes that without the participation of local authorities, village guards and sanitation workers, security issues and all kinds of garbage would be difficult to control. But this is due to the willingness to sacrifice both physical and mental strength, not afraid of the fatigue of those involved to achieve brilliant success.

Not only to keep safe and clean the environment, but when there are big and small festivals, Lok Chumteav Mithona Phuthong requested the local authority, village chief, village protection force, village cleaners and cleaners to continue to manage the situation of safe villages and communes. More hygiene for peace, increase the attraction of tourists and improve the beauty and hygiene of the environment.

At the same time, Lok Chumteav, Governor of Koh Kong Province, also distributed some money, 1 case of soft drink and other equipment for cleaning the environment to the village, Sangkat, Sangkat Prachakorn and cleaners.

It should be reminded that in the four days from April 14 to 17 of the traditional Khmer New Year, 38,804 tourists stayed and visited tourist resorts in Koh Kong province, compared to 2019, a decrease of 3,938 people. The number of foreign tourists was 702, down from 11,681.

Most of the tourist resorts that tourists visit are in the fishing area of Sre Ambel district, eco-tourism area, Tatai waterfall, Koh Kong district, cool place in front of the provincial administration building and Chet Yi Khun Chhang Khun Phen historical site, Pak Klang beach, Mondul Seima district. .

Separately, Mr. Sar Sarath, Deputy Police Commissioner of Koh Kong Province, said that security and order were smoothly controlled when the forces were deployed at the target of pagodas, main roads and tourist resorts to maintain the safety of the people. Both tourists come to have fun.

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