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Lao PM Says PM Hun Sen Is Gaining Popularity In His Country

Japan: The Prime Minister of Laos, Mr. Phankham Viphavanh, informed the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen that the people of Laos began to monitor the activities of PM Hun Sen and expressed support for him after Cambodia continued to provide assistance against Covid-19 to Laos.

In the meeting with PM Hun Sen before the opening of the 4th Asia-Pacific Water Summit, Mr. Phankham Viphavanh thanked Cambodia Prime Minister as well as the Cambodian people for providing a lot of anti-Covid-19 assistance to his people and country. This activity shows the gestures of good neighbors and relations. He added that at the same time, the popularity of Prime Minister Hun Sen in Laos has also increased.

Minister Delegate assigned to the Prime Minister, Mr. Kao Kim Hourn, told reporters: "The people of Laos have expressed their satisfaction with what Samdech Techo as well as the Royal Government of Cambodia has helped Laos in the past. In particular, in the meeting between the Prime Minister of Laos and his people, especially the elderly, highlighted what Samdach did, sharing the aid to Laos at a time when Laos is facing this difficulty. Make the people of Laos satisfied. And not only that, the people of Laos also monitored the activities of Samdech Techo as well as the activities of the government. "Seeing that Samdech Techo Prime Minister, the work of Samdech Techo Prime Minister is very active."

Mr. Phankham Viphavanh also informed PM of Cambodia that he will visit two provinces near bordering Cambodia to meet with the people to tell Cambodia's policy as well as prime minister Hun Sen did in promoting bilateral cooperation between Cambodia-Laos.

PM Hun Sen supported the visit of Mr. Phankham Viphavanh to the bordering’s province with Cambodia as a positive sign to strengthen the bilateral relations between Cambodia and Laos.

On December 3, 2021, the Cambodian government provided 500,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine and three trucks of vaccines to the Lao government to assist the country in the fight against Covid-19. The offer follows a meeting between Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Lao Prime Minister Phan Kham Viphavan at the Peace Palace on November 29, 2021.

On 12th March 2022 Cambodia gave an additional 10 vaccine trucks.

Cambodia has already help provide anti-measles aids to Laos three times, totaling about US $ 13 million, 700,000 doses of vaccines, two cars, 2.1 million masks as well as other medical equipment.

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