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Gasoline price increases by 100 riels, while diesel price increases by 400 riels until the end of April

Phnom Penh: The price of fuel in Cambodia is 5,150 riel per liter for regular gasoline and 5,500 riels for diesel from 21-30 April 2022.

According to the announcement on the retail price of fuel at the station, the price has increased by 100 riels for gasoline and 400 riels for diesel compared to the old price.

Ministry of Commerce spokesman Seang Thai once told EAC News that the price of gasoline in Cambodia fluctuates depending on the international oil price, which is mostly based on the average price in the Singapore market, which means that if the market in Singapore starting to rise, the price of gasoline in Cambodia will go up accordingly.

The Russia-Ukraine war is hurting global oil prices, as Russia, a global energy source, faces a series of sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine. During a cabinet meeting on 1 April, Prime Minister Hun Sen instructed the Ministry of Commerce to hold talks with private companies to manage retail fuel prices and strategically prepare fuel stocks, given the international situation complicated.

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