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The Senate will hold its eighth session on 20 April

INTERNATIONAL: The President of the Senate Say Chhum chaired a meeting on Tuesday, 19 April 2022, deciding to open the 8th session of the fourth legislature on the same agenda to review and comment on the draft law on plant protection and biosecurity.

EAC News Reporter, Anthony Ellis, has the story.

During this meeting on Tuesday, the President of the Senate reviewed and decided on a proposal of the Committee on Investment Planning, Agriculture, Water Resources, Meteorology, Rural Development and Environment to put the draft law on plant protection and biosecurity on the agenda of the 8th session of the Senate of the 4th legislature.

The draft law on "plant protection and biosecurity” is designed to determine the management of plant health, the implementation of biosecurity laws and biosecurity measures, the protection of all types of plant resources, and the prevention of the spread of bacteria or viruses.

The draft law also aims to improve agricultural productivity, food security, hygiene, quality and safety of agricultural products, as well as biosecurity of plants and goods, subject to inspections for trade facilitation.

According to the Cambodian government, the new draft law will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, such as protecting the interests of farmers through the management of plant protection and the implementation of biosecurity measures to reduce the losses that can be caused by the harmful contamination of plant resources and crop products in agricultural production systems.

The draft law on "protection of plants and biosecurity" also specifically prevents the importation or outbreak of invasive pollutants that cause catastrophic damage to agricultural crops, biodiversity and the environment in Cambodia. In fact, the outbreak of pests such as golden apple snails, greening, Mosaic Virus, Fusarium Wilt and the fall of armyworms on corn has really affected agricultural production and the national economy is remarkable.

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