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People Around the World Eagerly Celebrated Easter

INTERNATIONAL: This past Sunday, people around the world celebrated Easter in full swing after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Christians around the world celebrate Easter, with many participating in their own egg hunts, which are often made of chocolate or colorfully decorated shells, but each country also has its own little traditions.

Citizens in Horhausen, a small town in western Germany, created their own tradition by staging an egg-throwing contest and hurling brightly colored hard-boiled eggs into a meadow.

Distance is a factor, but the egg must be unbroken to count as a valid throw, explained Mayor Thomas Schmidt, who welcomed the return of the event.

The Horhausen egg throwing competition has reached its 34th anniversary this year.

The Easter Parade, which dates back to the 1870s, returned to New York City this year, with participants decked out in hats and costumes filling the streets of Manhattan to mark Easter Sunday.

Traditionally, participants would dress in the latest fashion trends, and the event was noted for its ostentatious display of wealth and beauty, Newsweek reported.

With about 300 attendees, the Cordao do Boitata has become one of the city's most traditional block parties or "blocos,” with carnival revelers and samba musicians turned downtown into a massive Easter street party.

Revelers donned colorful costumes depicting nuns, devils, and superheroes.

"It’s a joy to hug people, to be in the streets. It feels like coming alive”, said Nija Vivek, who participated in the block party.

Locals also carried around a big snake figure, representing the fantastic creature called "Boitata". According to Brazilian mythology, the huge fire serpent attacks those who harm the Amazon.

Although Brazil has become globally famous for its glitzy Sambadrome parades, traditional partying happens on the street.

Rio de Janeiro's government banned street carnivals this year but also said that there won't be controls.

Humans weren’t the only ones to celebrate Easter; lemurs, lions, and rhinos also celebrated by eating colorful eggs filled with fruit or meat, continuing a ritual that has been performed for more than 10 years at Chile's Buin Zoo, even despite the pandemic.

Brightly colored eggs painted in animal-friendly paint were hidden around in the sand and grass, and bags filled with treats were fixed onto trees.

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