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PM and first lady Inspect New Achievements in Preah Sihanouk Province

SIHANOUKVILLE: The Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen and first lady Bun Rany Hun Sen arrived safely in Preah Sihanouk Province at around 10 am on April 13 to celebrate the New Year privately with the people of Sihanoukville for about 5 days.

PM and his wife stopped at the shrine of Preah Uma-Maheso roundabout at the intersection of Ream Beach Boulevard and Ream Blvd for a prayer at the shrine asking to take care the Kingdom of Cambodia, especially all Cambodians living under the peace, harmony, the lives of the people are more prosperous under his Majesty the King Norodom Sihamoni, King of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

At the Preah Uma-Mahe So roundabout, Prime Minister and first lady took photo’s with the unique view of the coast of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Preah Uma-Maheso roundabout is now not only a Buddhist shrine, but has become an attractive tourist destination through the construction of many boulevards along the beautiful beaches.

After inspecting the roundabout of Preah Uma-Maheso, Prime Minister and his wife continued to visit another great, statue of Preah Thong Neang Neak which was recently completed construction.

The statue of Preah Thong Neang Neak is the largest copper statue in the Kingdom of, weighs a total of 60 tons, height 21 meters, resting on the throne height of 6.34 meters, standing tall in the middle of the roundabout of Preah Thong Neang Neak, with a diameter of 99 meters, facing sea Ream.

This statue will be launched on April 16 under the high presidency of Prime Minister Hun Sen and first lady Bun Rany Hun Sen.

At the roundabout of Preah Thong Neang Neak the place where “Khmer Can Do It” was made, PM and his wife took photos with the unique view before proceeding to stay in Sihanoukville Province.

With all the achievements of the Royal Government in the past are due to the correct political leadership with strong will, with the support of its members of the legislature, members of the Royal Government, government officials at all levels, the Armed Forces of all kinds and the people and citizens all over the country, with the sincere support of development partners and the international community, aim to achieve the long-term aspirations of the Cambodian people who want Cambodia to be a proud nation. A glorious, bright future and a strong sovereign state that adheres to the principles of democracy and the rule of law, and has peace, national unity and territorial integrity, as well as high prestige on the international stage.

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