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PM Hun Sen : Russia can not Dissolve the Ukrainian Administration!

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has often said that Russia will not easily win the war with Ukraine due to the deepening of the Russian army into Ukraine, which allows the Ukrainian side to retaliate easily. This week, two and a half months after invading Ukraine's Kyiv, Russian troops withdrew in search of a new offensive strategy, similar to how Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had analyzed the situation.

Infrastructure was destroyed and corpses were strewn across the streets of Kyiv, after Russian troops withdrew from the capital back to Belarus and Russia, where Moscow ordered soldiers to rearm and strategize.

Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Maliar, said on 3 April that the entire capital of Kyiv had been liberated from invaders. Russia, however, has stepped up its military activities in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

Speaking in a video message sent on Thursday night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, dressed in a khaki outfit, tells his compatriots and the world to increase sanctions on Russia, while also requesting for more weapons to go to war with the Russian superpower.

He said, “If everyone in the world had at least ten percent of the courage that we Ukrainians have, there would be no danger to international law at all. There would be no danger to the freedom of the nations. We will spread our courage. We will start a special global campaign. We will teach the world to be not just a little bit, but full of courage. Like us, like Ukrainians.”

In the war against Ukraine, Russia has used large-scale and rapid tactics to try destroy its enemy. The "Shock and Awe" or "Blizkrieg" method, which was also used by the Nazis in World War II. Such a strategy relies on the principle of momentum, in which the force of the strike continues to push forward at high speed, not allowing the enemy to have any time to gather or retaliate.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen predicted that Russia would not be able to easily wage war on Ukraine. A veteran of war himself, the Prime Minister had said that Russia's deepening advance into Ukraine would be an opportunity for the Ukrainian army to cause a greater separation of Russian army forces.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of National Road No. 3 on 2 March 2022, one week after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Prime Minister said, “As long as there is military rule, when an army is at the border before departure, the forces are crowded together, but when the forces begin to depart, the force becomes as small as a rope. So easy! Using guerrilla warfare, the army forces can be cut into pieces. I think Ukraine is using this tactic.”

The Prime Minister commented on this matter again at the inauguration ceremony of the new Ear, Nose and Throat Building at Ang Duong Hospital on 28 March 2022. He said, "It has been more than a month now, [Russia] cannot take over. I do not believe that [Ukraine] can be defeated and I do not believe that Russia can dissolve the Ukrainian administration!"

On 24 February, the Russian Federation launched a large-scale offensive against Ukraine in what Russia said was a "demilitarization of Ukraine" to protect the Donbass Republic and to ensure that Russia would not be put under NATO threat through Ukrainian territory.

The attack was denounced by many UN member states, including Cambodia, as a violation of sovereignty, and in early March, the majority voted for the UN General Assembly resolution demanding Russia immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine. Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that "wherever there is a decision related to the Russia-Ukraine war, Cambodia will vote against the use of force."

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