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Cars That Are "Update Modeled" Without Permission Will Not Be Inspected or Issued License Plates

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) has decided to not allow vehicles that are "update modeled", without the Ministry's permission, to be inspected for technical specifications, registered or equipped with a license plates, because the installation of such "updates" might affect the safety of the vehicle.

In a statement issued on Tuesday (5 April 2022), the MPWT confirmed that the Ministry has observed that some family cars were modified and installed incorrectly according to the set technical specifications, and without permission from the Ministry, which affects the safety of the vehicle, changes the vehicle's identity, and is contrary to the law governing car repairs and garages.

The MPWT stated, "Therefore, the Ministry has decided not to allow vehicles to be modified without the permission of the Ministry. It is not allowed to inspect technical specifications or register, provide identification cards and equip these vehicles with identification plates."

In addition, the MPWT has said it will take action to shut down car assembly and repair shops that issue such unauthorized modifications, which can affect the safety of vehicles, and will not allow them to apply for repair permits.

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