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2-year-old’s mother was charged with murder of her 1-month-old daughter in Battambang province.

INTERNATIONAL: On April 2, at 5:30 a.m. the mother of the one-month-old child reported missing from home. Local police forces, along with neighbors, have begun searching for the victim children.

At 12 and 30 p.m. on the same day, the body of the girl was found in a sinkhole about 100 meters from the house. Heavy Criminal Office and Technical and Science Office of Battambang Provincial Police Office have checked the scene. The Child Protection Unit (CPU) and the Ministry of the Interior received a brief notice and also contacted the investigation officers present at the scene.

At 2 and 30 pm on the same day, as a result of investigation, response and evidence at the scene, a woman who was identified as the mother of the victim child was sent by the police force to the Battambang Provincial Police Office.

The woman was forced to question the answer and also confessed to the murder of her child by throwing it into the submarine. This man will be sent to the first school in Battambang province to receive a sentence of murder by command.

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