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PM Hopes the Safety of the People in Siem Reap is Guaranteed

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SIEM REAP: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that the security cameras and systems in Siem Reap have been strengthened, which he hopes will ensure the safety of the people in the province. He made this statement while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of 38 achievements in Siem Reap on Monday morning (4 April). He further ordered all perpetrators of obscenity and theft to stop their activities. He said security cameras are interconnected and can ensure greater security in the province.

"In Siem Reap, those who commit atrocities or robberies should stop," he said. “Because the security camera service is full, do not think that sometimes you have to destroy a security camera to act, because this is a continuous shot, because the safety of the people in Siem Reap will be guaranteed through our modern equipment, which makes our competent forces even more capable of acting at all times."

The 38-road infrastructure improvement project in Siem Reap was built to a total length of 106.42 km, using a total national budget of more than US $149.21 million. The infrastructure project includes the construction of drainage and sewage systems, and the instalment of lighting and security cameras. The 13-month construction period began in 30 November 2020 and was completed at the end of 2021.

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