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A Baby Elephant is Born From a Domestic Elephant and a Wild Elephant

MONDULKIRI: A female domestic elephant that was lured into the forest by a male wild elephant two years ago gave birth to a baby, while it was being cared for by the indigenous Pnong people in Mondulkiri province.

This announcement of the elephant's birth was made by the Minister of Environment, Say Sam Al, on Tuesday (29 March).

The Director of the Mondulkiri Provincial Environment Department, Keo Sopheak, said that the baby elephant, named Chi Pich, is the child of a wild male elephant and a domestic female elephant named Chi Pal.

Baby elephant, Chi Pich, was born on 22 March 2022, after a gestation period of 23 months and 3 days, according to the provincial authorities, as well as the conservation team of the Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Environment and the Pnong indigenous people in Putrom village.

According to the tradition of the Pnong people, when domestic elephants give birth, they have to sacrifice buffaloes, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks to ask for happiness.

On 22 April 2020, a wild elephant was walking along and grazing by three female elephants in the forest behind the houses of some Putrom villagers in Romnea commune, Sen Monorom city, Mondulkiri province inside the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary. The wild elephant ended up luring the female elephant, Chi Pal, into the forest for several weeks, upon which she became pregnant. At the time, five of the elephant caretakers had to run up trees to escape the wild elephants aggressive behavior.

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