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Battambang Provincial Authority to Establish Light Headquarters to Suppress Fishing Crimes in Tonle Sap Lake

BATTAMBANG: Battambang provincial authorities will establish a light headquarters in the area of the Tonle Sap Lake to control crime and census to ban illegal fishing gear to protect fish species.

During a meeting with fishermen and fishing communities to check the situation to strengthen the suppression of fishing crimes on Sunday, March 27, in Koh Chiveang commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang Provincial Governor, Mr. Sok Lutha, Provincial Administrative Unity command the position in cooperation to crack down on various fishing crimes from now on is to implement the law to stop exempting or educating as before, and especially those involved in fishing crimes such as conspiracy to take money and so on.

He has added that in the near future, the provincial administration will establish a light headquarters to implement the management and suppression of fishing offenses at that place and continue to disseminate and conduct a census of fishing gear on fishermen in case any fishing gear is found. It is illegal to take measures to confiscate or destroy, so the forces or officers must strengthen the list of those who committed the same crime and build a case to be sent to court legally.

The provincial governor has continued to advise and encourage the district governor, professional officers of the Armed Forces to work together to ensure the effective prevention of fishing offenses in the Tonle Sap Lake in case of fishing offenses, whether small or large, must be prevented. In order to preserve the fish species in the Tonle Sap Lake from being lost, and in case any official involved in the above crime must withdraw immediately, otherwise will face the law without exception.

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