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Over $ 70 million was gained in revenue from sales of special number plates

PHNOM PENH: Sales of special license plates of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, 201,980 numbers, total revenue of 280,728,228,800 Riel from September 2016 to February 2022 is equal to $70,182,057 US dollars.

Revenue from the sale of special registration numbers and personal special registration numbers in 2021 received a total budget revenue of 68,646,342,300 Riels, an increase of approximately 9% compared to 2020.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport started the selling of special license plates to citizens in 2016 at higher prices than regular license plates. People can buy and remove license plates when selling a car, to boost non-fiscal revenue collection and increase national budget revenue, the ministry is campaigning to promote the importance of using license plates. This is for private groups.

The Ministry of Public Works claims that it is increasing the revenue from the sale of these special number plates. Ms. Koy Sodany, Secretary of State of the Ministry Public Works and Transport and Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the Management of Sales of Car Registration Numbers Confirms that special license plates are more popular and are increasingly becoming popular and must be widely available to companies, enterprises, and people to understand numbers Special registration and personal registration number to increase national income even greater.

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