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PM: Angels Sent Me to End the War and Keep the Peace

KAMPONG SPEU: Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that he places the greatest value on peace, because establishing peace in Cambodia was a very difficult task that he spent half of his life on achieving.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of National Road No. 51 connecting Kandal province to Kampong Speu province on Friday morning (25 March 2022), Prime Minister Hun Sen commented on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war that is affecting the lives of many citizens and damaging infrastructures, and which the world will take a long time to recover from.

He said, "Now the world is shouting for peace, unlike before, when there were only talks about democracy and human rights." He continued that Cambodia has given value to peace for a long time, which precedes democracy and human rights.

"War is easy to erupt, but to put an end to war is not easy," he added. "Cambodia, I am not the creator of wars, but it’s like an angel sent me to put an end to the war and keep the peace." The Prime Minister reiterated that at all costs must be taken and efforts must be made to maintain this hard-won peace in the nation.

For the past 23 years, Cambodia has achieved peace and national reconciliation, with full national unity under one government, that has benefited from the win-win policy of Prime Minister Hun Sen. Achieving complete peace has given the Royal Government enough opportunities to develop the country to this day.

The Prime Minister often states that he will not allow Cambodia to ever fall back into a state of war as before, declaring that at any cost, peace must be maintained.


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