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The Lost City’ Is Now Showing in Cinemas in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: Legend Exchange held its pre-screening and premiere for the movie, “The Lost City”, in Cambodia on Wednesday night. The film stars Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock and actor Channing Tatum as the two main leads, and Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter franchise, as well as Brad Pitt in supporting roles. “The Lost City” is a romantic comedy adventure not to be missed.

“The Lost City” tells the story of a reclusive author of romance-adventure novels, played by Sandra Bullock, who gets kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire, played by Daniel Radcliffe, that wants to use her to find the ultimate treasure from the lost city of D, a fictional ancient city from one of Bullock’s characters’ books.

At the movie premiere in Los Angeles, the stars walked the red carpet in high spirits. Wearing a greyish-blue suit, Daniel Radcliffe posed for pictures and then talked about how relieved he was to see this movie play in theaters.

He said, "It is. It's very, very nice, it's like, it's lovely to be in a place where we sort of feel OK going back into a theater, and this is and I'm very, very glad it happened in time for this movie because look, you can enjoy this movie anywhere. It's very, very good fun. But it is like a grab your friends and get some popcorn and like, get loud in the cinema. It's that kind of film. And watching it all-seeing and being reminded of like, oh, that's what it's like to be in the middle of an audience reacting to something was like very, very cool."

Sandra Bullock, walked down the red carpet dressed in a hot pink ruffled dress in theme with the signature jumpsuit she wore in the movie, and said that she loved how “The Lost City” brought her back to the old days of making rom-coms.

She said, “Well, the nostalgic vibe is for us who remember when they used to make movies like this, where they had action, adventure, scope, romance, drama, depth, you know. Things got a little one-note for a while. So we knew it wasn't going to be easy. The studio was a little confused. Why the pink jumpsuit? There were a lot of doubts at first, but without all those elements, it just wouldn't have worked. Had we not had the depth, had we not had the beautiful role of (unclear), had we not had storylines of loss and and lack of relevance and all those things, then you would have just looked at it and go, OK, it was a vapid one hour, 53 minutes. But you leave going, wow, they really they were unafraid to, you know, put their toe to some deep stuff. So funny is funnier if you have a little heartache."

On 1 March, Paramount Pictures paused the release of “The Lost City” in Russia due to the “ongoing tragedy in Ukraine.”

“The Lost City” is now showing in Cambodia starting Thursday, 24 March.

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