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PM Introduces 5 Points to NCDD to Ensure Implementation of Phase II of the Sub-National Program

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen introduced to the NCDD five principles to achieve the planned goals and ensure the implementation of Phase II of the National Program for Democratic Development at the Sub-National Level.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the National Program for Sub-National Democratic Development Phase II on Monday, 21 March, the Prime Minister made the following recommendations:

First, to continue improving the efficiency and sustainability of the management of reform work, we must continue to clearly define roles, powers and responsibilities for the provision of public services that have been transferred from national ministries and institutions to sub-national administrations.

Second, continue strengthening sub-national administrative institutions in providing timely services to the people and local economic development, based on the potential of each locality, efficiency, transparency, accountability, competition and social equity.

Third, to strengthen the management and development of human resources in the sub-national administration by continuing to review and improve policies and programs related to human resource management and development.

Fourth, sub-national administrations must continue to work to strengthen revenue collection management with transparent expenditure management.

And fifth, establish and strengthen digital governance in sub-national administrations, to continue promoting the design and implementation of information technology and digital governance systems in each sub-national administration.

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