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Russia's Belgorod Provides Accommodation, Necessities for Thousands of Refugees from Ukraine

INTERNATIONAL: Russia's Belgorod Oblast, which borders northeastern Ukraine, has provided shelters and necessities for more than 3,000 refugees since the Ukraine crisis has erupted.

The largest temporary accommodation site is in Belgorod City, administrative center of the region.

The city's mayor Anton Ivanov has said local authorities have made great efforts to ensure the needs of refugees from Ukraine are met.

"In the past week, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the government of the Belgorod Oblast, and the administration of Belgorod City, we have deployed a temporary accommodation facility for those who were forced to leave Ukraine. At the moment, 45 residential tents have been set up, with five tents of the food block and five tents of the administrative center. In total, 540 people can be accommodated here at the same time. If necessary, we can take an additional 300-400 people in here," said Ivanov.

In addition to daily necessities, the accommodation site can also provide psychological assistance to refugees.

"Three meals a day for adults and four meals a day for children are provided here. In addition, there is a room for mothers with infants and young children. Psychological help can also be provided here," said Ivanov.

A special employment program has also been initiated to help people who want to start a new life in Russia, according to the mayor.

"I know that there is an adaptation and resettlement program for those who want to get a job and stay here. However, this will require changes in federal and regional legislation. Such work is already under way in order to simplify the procedures for applying for a job on the territory of the Russian Federation," said Ivanov.

Over 3 million people have fled the conflict in Ukraine and headed to its neighboring countries, while millions more are displaced domestically, according to the United Nations.

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