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A senior official of the Ministry of Health says the health of people who recovered from Covid-19 can be improved in 6 to 12 months.

PHNOM PENH: A senior official of the Ministry of Health, Ms. Or Vandin claims that some of the health problems that occur in people who recover from Covid19 can improve and disappear in 6 to 12 months, but also some do not recover depending on the physical and mental health of the person.

She said, The symptoms that persisted for about a year after recovering from Covid19 were observed to be more prone to fatigue or to feel weaker than before, with shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, nausea, persistent cough, some may have joint pain, leg pain, chest pain, memory problems, insomnia, muscle aches or headaches, heart palpitations, and depression, despair, or anxiety.

According to a study by foreign medical scientists on some Covid19 cases, it was observed that about 23-26% of the patients had mental health problems such as depression, which will make patients more susceptible to Covid19 infection again.

She said, the symptoms may go away in 6-12 months or maybe shorter or even worse or not go away at all, depending on the continued care of the person who has recovered from Covid19 and exercise, as well as relaxation and living environment, in particular, they need to avoid to be re-infected by Covid19, which can adversely affect any individual organ, such as nervous system, heart, liver, and kidneys.

At the same time, scientists have not yet been able to confirm what other significant effects on the individual organs that have been cured of Covid19 and for how long, which requires further detailed studies.

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