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The Pandemic Does Not Stop St Parick’s Day Celebrations Around the World

INTERNATIONAL: Although the coronavirus pandemic is still present in our lives, people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day in their own way, creating joy in whatever way they can.

In America, photographer Cheryl Koval captured the view of a fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona, which had its water dyed green on 12 March, in an early celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

Meanwhile, the Chicago River was also dyed green per the city's St Patrick's Day tradition since 1962. It takes about 50 pounds of dye and two large boats to spread change the color of the river to green.

In New York, the city celebrated Irish heritage with a quick and small parade, with soldiers and bagpipe players marching down 5th Avenue.

In California, Anna Schwab lovingly refers to her pets as “The Rescued Boys.” She involves them in the St Patrick's Day celebrations by dressing them up in emerald bows and giving them dog-friendly fake beers.

Usually, parade-goers, participants, locals, and tourists would pack the streets of Ireland, where the holiday originated, to witness the extravagant St Patrick's Day parades. However, due to the pandemic, Ireland has postponed their St Patrick’s Day parades this year. But still, the people have found their own ways to celebrate.

A father pulls his children around in a cart decorated with Irish flags and stuffed animals in their backyard.

The staff at a nursing home in Offaly dress in holiday attire to hold a small and fun parade to bring cheer and festivity to the residents staying at the facility.

And a child excitedly shows off his parade of toys to celebrate St Patrick’s Day at home.

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