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American Man Is Proud That His Daughter Represents Cambodia On The International Stage

PHNOM PENH: CAMSOC-Phnom Penh: Khmer-American mixed taekwondo fighter Casandre Tubbs has become an important resource for Cambodian taekwondo on the international stage, especially at the 31st SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam and the 32nd SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia. Explosive ownership status.

At the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia, Casandre Tubbs won a bronze medal and the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines won a silver medal. The ambition of this Cambodian athlete is to bring the gold medal on the international stage to the Cambodian people.

In an exclusive interview, Greg Tubbs, the American father of Casandre Tubbs, expressed his excitement and pride that his daughter represented the Cambodian people on the international stage. He hopes that his daughter will bring more medals to Cambodia.

Can you describe when your daughter Casandre Tubbs started practicing taekwondo?

Greg Tubbs: Yes, my daughter Cassie started training at the age of three. Once the green belt is reached, the competition begins. Cassie won the black belt at the age of six, especially as she won the American Championship every year until the age of 17 when she was selected for the Cambodian national team.

Can you tell us some of your family histories for the Cambodian people to know?

Greg Tubbs: I have lived in the United States all my life. Cassie's mother is Cambodian, born in Battambang province in Cambodia and came to the United States as a child due to the war during the Pol Pot era.

Covid-19 has spread around the world, with the United States suffering the most. How did Casandre train in this transition?

Greg Tubbs: Covid-19 is so hard that we lose everything. No training, no competition, and no health concerns. However, my daughter also continues to train in a tight position or train alone to maintain quality and push forward to improve.

So far, your daughter has won silver and bronze medals at the SEA Games for Cambodia. Upcoming SEA Games, such as in Vietnam, what are your goals as a father?

Greg Tubbs: After winning those medals, my daughter aims to win a gold medal at the 31st SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam. My daughter has been training hard and is ready to represent Cambodia with satisfactory results.

What do you think about Cambodia hosting the 2023 SEA Games, which is the first time in history?

Greg Tubbs: Cambodia deserves to host the SEA Games, so the world will see greatness, prosperity, and peace, as well as a rich culture.

How do you feel your daughter represents Cambodia on the international stage?

Greg Tubbs: I am so proud that my beloved daughter represents the Cambodian people. We have been respected, admired, and loved from the beginning. We hope to represent the Cambodian people in a positive light and bring many medals to the nation.

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