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Cholita Wrestlers Celebrate the “ElectroPreste” on the Streets of Bolivia

INTERNATIONAL: On Saturday, 12 March, Bolivians celebrated the “ElectroPreste” in the city of La Paz. Cholita wrestlers performed in the ring on the streets as part of the celebration of merging indigenous Aymara culture with modern Bolivia.

This year marks the return of the “ElectroPreste” carnival celebration, since it was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

Although the people in Bolivia are still taking precautions, they are ecstatic to be able to come together and enjoy this carnival once again, to remember their values, cultures, and identities. Daniel Lobos, an Ecuadoran visitor, said that the vaccines have worked and that it’s time to open up society again. It’s time to feel alive and happy.

Bolivians traveled across the country to La Paz to celebrate the fusion of the indigenous and modern identities of Bolivia. Folklore bands and performers sing and dance on the streets and in nightclubs during this time.

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