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Kampot Provincial Authority Tells Relevant Officials to Increase Attention on Managing Garbage and Food Prices to Keep Tourists

KAMPOT: Kampot provincial authorities have instructed municipal authorities and the Departments of Tourism and the Environment to pay more attention to the problem of garbage and plastic waste being thrown into the river, and also advising restaurant owners along the river to keep prices constant and not increase prices arbitrarily when there are visitors, which can lead to the image and name of the province being tarnished in the eyes of tourists.

Deputy Governor Seng Sereybot made these remarks during the celebrations of 10th National Clean City Day 2022 under the theme "Clean City: Supporting Cambodian Tourism" held at Kampot Provincial Stadium on the morning of Friday, 11 March. He said that Kampot is a popular tourist destination for national and international tourists because this coastal province is rich in natural resources and has much potential, especially in regard to geographical location and plethora of tourist sites. On the other hand, the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia has been urging the ministries and institutions to increase the organization of sanitation, especially the clean city movement, to attract tourists again after the Covid-19 crisis, particularly since Cambodia is set to host the 2023 SEA Games.

He observed that in Kampot province, after reopening the country, many tourists came to visit and at the same time also left some problems such as garbage in the water of the river. Additionally, he observed that the price of food at restaurants and shops next to the small river have arbitrary prices. Therefore, the relevant authorities and officials must consider this issue by making sure that garbage collection practices are good for tourists in the province, and they must prevent the increase in food prices so that there is no excessive and arbitrary price increase.

In addition, Kampot provincial and municipal administrations have been busy arranging public order, decorating the city. markets, parks, resorts, and adding additional street lighting to prepare for the arrival of tourists during the Khmer New Year.

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